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Sounds familiar?

Siloed marketing data

GA data is not accurate

Broken attribution

Tabula is marketers’ best friend

End-to-end Analytics

Build multi-touch attribution to see how different marketing efforts work together to convert leads into customers.

Real-Time Reporting

Analyze lead sources, customer behavior and your key performance metrics in real time.

Custom Dashboards

Generate insightful reports and automatically build dashboards for your stakeholders.

A single source of truth for all your data

Unify all your data into one place

Collect and aggregate marketing, sales, and customer behavior data from all channels into one place. Blend unified data into a consolidated report.

Analyze metrics and track success

Track the performance of your marketing and social media campaigns as well as web traffic and customer retention metrics.

Create reports with only fresh data

Create custom dashboards, and combine multiple charts to provide marketing 360 analytics.

Use AI to speed up your analytics

Format, enrich, and analyze data using your personal AI assistant.

Why Us

Increase traffic and sales with the help of a personal AI marketing assistant.

150+ integrations

Extract data from any cloud marketing platform you use

Self-service analytics

Understand your data with our no-code UI

Work with unstructured data

Organize and format any type of text content

Enrich data

Get more on your data by adding insights from public sources

Build once, use any time

Automate and schedule your workflows

Ensure data security

No data is moved outside your organization

Giant collection of marketing connectors

Seamlessly connect to 150+ sources and bring all your data together


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Users 💘 Tabula

Marketing teams can get instant insights!

The marketing team can now get insights from messy data without bothering developers or data architects. It gives an unprecedented improvement in our analysis speed, a reaction to changes, and faster test and operations gains.

Vladimir Sitnikov, CMO, Constructor

Tabula is a real game-changer for us 🔥

I lead AI and data teams, so managing a seamless flow of data and ensuring robust analytics is central to my role. Discovering Tabula has been a game-changer for our organization. Its AI-powered data automation and business intelligence capabilities have not only streamlined our data management processes but have significantly elevated our analytics game.

Jonathan Hodges, Head of AI

I think Tabula is fantastic in its concept!

The road ahead will be ripe with opportunity and has the potential to bridge a gap where other providers fall short. Specifically related to the ease of use as compared to other platforms. The visual approach provides clarity to what data is traveling/updating where and the opportunity it provides from the product's ability to develop into a strong user interface anyone can learn is fantastic. Great team and I look forward to seeing it grow!

Scott Fraiser, Senior Product Manager

It is an excellent product!

I have enjoyed working on Tabula a lot. It has made working with data extremely simple and enjoyable at the same time. Digging into the data has never been so much fun. Thank you very much for this wonderful tool.

Abhijit Mandape, BI Analyst

Amazing interface!

I thought it was user-friendly and quite easy to use. The interface is amazing; it’s simply a drag-and-drop. It is very useful for newbies and experienced Data analysts.

Tabula is very user-friendly 🚀

Any non-technical person would be able to use it. Also, since there’s AI Chat built-in right into the tool, the learning curve is even smaller.

Abhishek, Product Manager

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