From raw data to business insights with no code

The unified platform for business and data teams to connect, explore and move data

Tabula is the most promising  “Alteryx for cloud data warehouses” I've seen yet

CEO, Alfa consulting

With Tabula we saved hours automated our manual weekly reporting

Head of analytics, Hintlab

We reduced our marketing costs on 15% when made cross-channel analytics

CMO, Tomat

For business teams

The only tool you need to start making data-driven decisions. No unexpected costs.

Unify marketing, sales, and product data to get real business insights without code

Empower everyone to access their data and get answers to ad-hoc questions

Analyze your customer journey and identify new opportunities with visual reports

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For data teams

Mix no-code and SQL to focus on business logic rather than on coding

Push compute down to the warehouse to leverage scalability of the cloud

Ask AI to clean, format or normalize data. Create complex transforms with natural language.

Orchestrate, automate and manage your data pipelines with visual interface

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Your single source of truth

Seamlessly connect to 150+ sources and bring all your data together

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Get a customized, no-commitment platform walktrough in less than 15 minutes

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