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Use the magic of AI to analyze, cleanup and structure data
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Operations and data teams

Improve the quality and structure of data, making it more suitable for further analysis, uploading to CRM systems, or reporting.

  • Cleanup manually entered data

  • Format phones, addresses, and names

  • Correct spelling and grammar mistakes

  • Normalize and standardize business data

Sales and marketing

Boost lead conversions and enhance customer loyalty through personalized outreach strategies, engaging content, and effective customer analysis

  • Create personalized emails

  • Enrich leads information

  • Generate media content in bulk

  • Generate SEO-keywords

Product analytics and customer support

Enhance your development strategy and improve support services through a structured analysis of user feedback and personalized responses.

  • Create personalized responses to users inquiries

  • Classify and categorize product reviews

  • Organize and prioritize feature requests

  • Analyze survey results

Text understanding

AI-powered no-code text analytics, extraction, and transformation.
  • Text categorization

  • Sentiment analysis

  • Named entity recognition

  • Text summarization

  • Information extraction



We empower SaaS businesses to transition into recognized thought leaders within their respective sectors. The secret? Tailored survey data that serves as the foundation for comprehensive market research papers and whitepapers, riveting press pitches, and high-impact paid ad campaigns

  • Cold sales pitch
  • They offer survey data to help businesses 
enhance content engagement

Just circling back to the email I sent earlier regarding the exciting potential that Soda could bring to your website's conversion optimization. In my experience, I've noticed that many websites, while aesthetically pleasing and functional, are often not optimized for conversion.

  • Follow-up sales email
  • They specialize in conversion optimization 
for websites

Use private data

Connect to your database or upload CSV. Ask GPT.

Run at scale

Run GPT over datasets of any size. From 1 to 1M rows.

Build prompt chains

Create visual workflows for multi-steps chain prompts. Add logic.

Easy to get started

Analytics super intelligence at your fingertips.

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