Modern self-service analytics
for Snowflake

With Tabula analytics teams can build the entire data workflow
directly within the data warehouse.
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Created for modern
BI and analytics teams

Tabula was created with the modern approach in mind when raw data is first put into the data warehouse before any changes are made to it. Once your data is loaded, this is where Tabula steps in.

With Tabula analytics teams can get full control with no code over the transformation process right inside the data warehouse, which becomes scalable, cost-effective, and reliable.

Build once run everywhere

Tabula workflows are 100% portable and let your data grow with your company.

No vendor lock-ins

Forget about platform-specific data flows, Tabula’s workflows are 100% portable. Build your flows over CSV then compile to SQL and move to any other data platforms.


Tabula minimizes the need for costly processing power leveraging the performance and scale of the cloud. No data is moved around, no additional costs.

Infinite data scaling

Start working with your data even if your data stack is in development and data is still a mess. Scale within data warehouse once you are ready.

The true bridge between analytics and business teams

More than just another no-code tool

Iterative updates

Reduce costs updating
only new data

Portable data flows

Forget about SQL-dialects, create universal workflows.

Groups, memos, names

Organize and document your workflows

Regex support

Full regex support to work with unstructured data

Custom functions

Create custom functions specific for your business

Sub flows

Reuse any workflow with common logic

External API calls

Call external API at any step in the pipeline

Semi-structured data

Flatten JSON or construct objects in a few clicks

Deployment options

Choose between on premise or cloud

Easy to get started

Analytics super intelligence at your fingertips.

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