Discover Tabula's latest version with the Analytical AI

We are unveiling a major product update that showcases our latest innovation: cutting-edge Analytical AI — a technology that breaks the borders of data management. Join me to explore Tabula's new features!

Dedicated chatGPT inside your Tabula app 🤖

Imagine having an AI assistant at your fingertips solely dedicated to making your data analysis smoother. From managing Excel files to fine-tuning grammar, Tabula's chatGPT has got you covered. Let AI handle the intricacies, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Create Tables with AI 🗂️

With the power of Analytical AI, generating new content is as easy as asking your Data Wizard. Instantly create tables tailored to your requirements with just a click. The days of manual table creation are over, thanks to Tabula's intuitive AI-driven features.

AI data flow assistant 🚀

Navigating complex workflows is now a breeze with Tabula's AI data flow assistant. Whether you need help crafting queries or step-by-step guidance on building your data flow, your personal AI assistant is there to assist. Streamline your processes and elevate your data management game with this powerful addition.

More updates

Filter Node Now Supports Date & Time 🕔

Effortlessly segment and map your datasets based on the date or time an event occurred. The enhanced Filter Node ensures seamless and efficient data management, giving you more control over your analysis.

UI Enhancements 🖼

Enjoy a refreshed toolbar design, an improved JSON viewer, and a revamped drag & drop interface. Tabula's user interface enhancements make navigating the platform more intuitive and visually pleasing, enhancing your overall user experience.

API Node Improvements 🛠️

Say goodbye to CORS issues with the latest update. Tabula has resolved CORS problems, ensuring seamless integration and communication with the API Node. Experience a smoother workflow and improved data exchange capabilities.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on the horizon! We're dedicated to making Tabula the best it can be for you.

Use these links to download the latest version:

Download Mac (ARM)

Download Mac (Intel)

Download Windows

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