Explore AI tools that help your startup grow without investing huge resources.

When a startup scales up, it's not always possible to quickly hire necessary specialists or have the resources to support the business's growth. Fortunately, today many functions can be delegated to AI assistants, which this article will focus on.

The most crucial aspect of expanding a startup is sales growth and expanding marketing reach. Equally crucial is analytics, as management needs to understand strengths, weaknesses, and where to invest resources to double or triple the business turnover.


Humanic AI is an intelligent platform for sales and RevOps teams. The tool facilitates the identification of early adopters, helps business development reps personalize outreach, and enables account execs with customer insights.

What AI stands for in Humanic AI:

The tool is positioned as a buyer intelligence platform. Their AI relies on two primary approaches — psycholinguistics and computational psychometrics. Humanic AI provides users with AI-generated ICP and buyer personas based on engagement data.


  • Accurate predictions
  • Integration with LinkedIn


  • It might pose a steep learning curve for users unfamiliar with AI tools.
  • Integrating the platform into existing CRM systems or workflows might require technical expertise.


Starts from $180/month


Reply.io is an AI-powered sales engagement platform that creates new opportunities at scale – automatically. In simpler words, it’s an outreach automation tool that enables the sending of emails and bulk sequences. It also allows reaching out to potential leads via LinkedIn, calls, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.

What AI stands for in Reply.io:

AI stands for text message writing, a writing assistant that harnesses the advanced capabilities of ChatGPT to generate text for outreach emails or entire sequences based on user input parameters.


  • Automated outreach at scale
  • Free plan available


  • Over-reliance on AI-generated content might compromise the personal touch in communication.


Freemium, paid packages start from $60/month.


Tabula.io is an AI-powered data assistant that automates data analytics for startups. With Tabula, users can collect data from any sources, explore data, and build performance dashboards. Tabula is a perfect match for startups as it doesn’t require hiring a data analyst or acquiring a database to start managing and analyzing data.

What AI stands for in Tabula.io:

The AI assistant revolutionizes the way people work with data. It empowers users to format and process unstructured data, including:

  • Standardizing lead data (emails, phones, titles)
  • Sentiment analysis for customer reviews, emails, etc.
  • Data enrichment and translation
  • Bulk content generation
  • Auto-analysis (users can use everyday language to operate with tables and data workflows)


  • Short learning curve (around 20 min to learn how to use the tool)
  • Easy drag-and-drop interface, no-code approach to data management
  • 150+ integrations


  • The app is currently available only in desktop versions (Windows, MacOS); Linux and Ubuntu are not supported.


Community version is free.


Simplified helps accelerate marketing activities and scale up marketing efforts. The tool saves time on graphic design, creating design templates, adding captions for videos, and crafting blog posts.

What AI stands for in Simplified:

From AI video editing to AI content writing, from translating text to social media management, Simplified impresses with the number of AI tools unified into a single platform.


  • Team members can share and work on common projects in real-time
  • The tool saves an incredible amount of time for the creative marketing team
  • It’s extremely user-friendly


  • Primarily excellent in English.


Otter.ai stands as an innovative AI-driven meeting assistant proficient in note-taking, audio transcription, and crafting meeting summaries. Ideal for those seeking time-saving solutions and productivity enhancements.

What AI stands for in Otter.ai:

AI algorithms and machine learning techniques comprehend and process spoken language, converting it to audio or text formats.


  • Integration with calendars and task managers
  • Quick voice processing
  • Affordable solution


  • Poor customer service


Freemium. Paid packages start from $10/month.


Taplio operates by analyzing your LinkedIn profile along with the content a user has previously published. Its AI solution offers recommendations for fresh content that users can share. For instance, Taplio can propose topics for posts, relevant hashtags, and engaging headlines tailored to resonate with the user audience.

What AI stands for in Taplio:

Taplio's AI capabilities encompass natural language processing for text generation and sentiment analysis for intelligent decision-making.


  • Great posting and engagement features
  • Content scheduler is available


  • AI input can be irrelevant
  • Hard to get a customer support


Starts from $39/month

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