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The only tool you need to start making data-driven decisions.
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"I used to deal with messy CSVs from 10x
different sources and spent days continuously cleaning them up in Excel. With Tabula, I was
able to automate the process, ultimately
saving me nearly 30 hours per month."

Get insights in minutes. No engineers needed.

From ad-hoc exploration to in-depth analytics.
Simplicity of spreadsheets, strength of an entire analytics team.

Access and explore

Access your data wherever it is

Organize your datasets with data catalog

Cleanup, merge and move

Use visual tools for complex transforms

Merge any datasets

Automate and visualize

Eliminate all repetitive tasks

Finalize your analysis with stunning reports

Struggling with CSV
and Excel files?

Don’t worry! Tabula works seamlessly with local files, even huge ones. Simply open your CSV files in Tabula and begin working with them as you would with a simple spreadsheet.

Is your data already in
a Cloud Warehouse?

Great! Tabula is designed specifically for data warehouses. Access all your data, establish data workflows, and push compute down to the warehouse without worrying about memory limits.

One data platform for everyone

Anyone can use Tabula to make real-time analysis and reporting without relying on developer resources.


Customer segmentation

Cross-channel campaigns analysis

Data Teams

Make data business ready

Automate data pipelines


Financial data reporting

Cash flow management


Supply chain optimization

Process improvement analysis


Sales performance

CRM maintenance and analysis

Customer success

Sentiment analysis

Ticket analysis and categorization

From local files to cloud datasets — Tabula is the single source of truth

Bring all your business data in one place

Store and browse your datasets in our data catalog, providing a centralized location for a quick access to all your data.

Take a quick look at your tables with instant previews, or dive deep into exploration mode, where you can use advanced filters for more precise analysis.

Get your data business-ready with no code

If you're familiar with spreadsheets, you'll succeed in using our platform. Start working with data without any training.

Our visual tools enable you to perform even complex transforms such as Pivot, Aggregate, or VLookup effortlessly.

Auto cleanup for messy datasets

Our intelligent AI-driven platform analyzes your data on your behalf and recommends insightful actions. Simply select the ones you wish to implement and obtain a clean, ready-to-use dataset.

Activate your data and build stunning reports

Access and activate all your customer data with no-code segment builder.

Add stunning charts to get ad-hoc analysis. Build interactive reports to share your insights with your colleages.

Save hours of manual work, automate repetitive

Set schedule for your data to be always fresh

Book a demo for free access

Get a customized, no-commitment platform walktrough in less than 15 minutes

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