No code AI-powered
data platform

The entire process of working with data is now accessible to everyone in your team.

From local files to cloud datasets —Tabula is the single source of truth

No-code connections

Connect directly to your cloud data warehouse or open CSV files in seconds, with no extra steps required.

No code knowledge required

Merge any datasets: from local files to cloud datasets

All data in one location

Save your favorite or frequently used files and tables in a data catalog and easily search and preview them with just one click.

All datasets in one place

Quick data preview

Spreadsheet interface
for a quick data exploration

Filter, sort or group datasets to find what is under the hood

Detailed visual data profiling

Utilize our auto-profiling tool to understand your data, identify duplicates, or locate missing values.

Data quality: valid and missing values

Statistics: min, max and summary

Distribution and unique values

Easy filtering with exploration mode

An exploration view lets you sort, filter, and rearrange columns and rows in a table without modifying original data.

Advanced point-and-click filters

Sort and group by in seconds

In-place column distribution with data bars

Connect to sources of raw data
Setup visual transformations together with AI assistant
Get data ready for reporting, moving or saving back to warehouse

Intuitive drag-and-drop canvas
to create data workflows in minutes

20+ visual transform tools more powerful than SQL

Visual sophisticated tools such as Filter, Pivot, Group, and many more make data workflows user-friendly and straightforward.

Basic tool set: filters, sort, remove duplicates, etc

Regex support: find and replace patterns, split text or extract values

Aggregate without code: Group by, Pilot, Windows functions

Immediate changes preview

Interactive preview mode makes modifications more explainable and efficient. Receive instant visual feedback on every adjustment made to your datasets.

Real-time formula’s recalculation

Custom preview for each transform tool

Instant statistics: understand how many rows were affected

Auto cleanup for messy datasets

Our intelligent AI-driven platform analyzes your data on your behalf and recommends insightful actions. Simply select the ones you wish to implement and obtain a clean, ready-to-use dataset.

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